• LIFE GUARD is not available at the resort.

  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Management is not liable for any loss or damages.

  • CHILDREN must be accompanied by an adult while swimming at all times. 

  • Management is not liable for any accident that may happen while using the resort facilities. 

  • Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited 

  • Food and Drinks are not allowed in the swimming pool area.

  • Any misuse resulting to damages and loss from our facilities and equipment that may occur during the rental period will be charged to the customer. 

  • RESERVATION FEE Minimum 50% down-payment is required to confirm the reservation. NON-REFUNDABLE. NON APPEARANCE on schedule will be FORFEITED.

  • RE-BOOKING is applicable as long as the customer will notify the resort administrator at least 7 days prior to the initial reservation date.  REBOOKING FEE of 1,000.00 pesos will be charged to the customer.

  • ADDITIONAL FEE of 100.00 pesos per person & per session will be charged to the customer in excess of the agreed quantity of guests. 

  • EXTENSION of hours depends on the availability of the resort and with additional charge.  Customer must inform the Resort Administrator at least 3 hours before the end time.

  • Customer must bring own blanket, dining wares and kitchen utensils.

Private Pool in Laguna

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